Nurturing Curiosity,
Growing Community.

Through nature and hands-on learning we help families develop personally, professionally, and spiritually.

We are a #Homeschool Mom Founded & Approved Organization with Leaders who are passionate about creating a new generation of thinkers and creators.

The Inspiration Behind Deeply Rooted

We offer free classes and clubs, plus free or low-cost field trip opportunities,
social events, a library, and resources to local families.
There is always something fun going on at our Learning Center!

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A 501(c)3 nonprofit in South Jersey

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to help our mission of keeping programs free for families so finances are never a barrier to inclusion.

Children and

Join A Club!

Have you wanted to meet friends to hike a trail, play some chess, or learn about the natural world all around us? We feature a Nature Club, Chess Club, and Ecology Club all free to the community with new clubs being added all the time.

Currently Active Clubs:

+Garden Club
+Art Club
+Chess Club
+Ecology Club
+Nature Club
+History Club
+Lego Club
+Newspaper Club

Fun & Educational Events

Come and learn while also having fun with friends! Some examples of our events include Fire Prevention Demonstrations, Field Trips to Cold Spring Village and Adventure Aquarium, Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, Talent Show, Science Fair, Lego Fest, Christmas Bazaar, and so much more

Deeply Rooted Values

Our core values guide every aspect of our work and interactions

Creating Community:
Our gatherings transcend the boundaries of traditional schooling by providing a space where homeschooling and non-traditionally schooled families connect, forge friendships, and build a robust community that supports each other's educational journeys.

Exploring Nature:
Through our nature clubs and ecology clubs, we invite families to experience education in its most natural form—immersed in the great outdoors. By learning from nature, children develop an appreciation for the world around them, embracing its beauty and wisdom.

Honoring Each Other:
We celebrate the diversity of homeschooling and non-traditionally schooled families. Every family's educational approach is unique, and our community honors these differences, creating a welcoming environment where every perspective is valued.

Affordability for All:
We recognize that families who choose alternative schooling paths may have distinct financial considerations. By offering low to no-cost options for all our gatherings, we ensure that families can access enriching experiences without financial constraints.

Excellence with Heart:
With a heart-centered approach, we bring excellence to every activity and event we organize. Our commitment to quality education and genuine care for our community shines through in everything we do.

How You Can Help

At Deeply Rooted Learning Center, we believe that every contribution, whether big or small, plays a vital role in nurturing our community and enriching the educational experiences we offer. There are various ways you can get involved and make a meaningful impact:

1. Donate: Your generosity fuels our mission to provide accessible, high-quality learning experiences. By making a donation, you directly support our programs, resources, and events that empower families and learners. Every dollar contributes to creating a nurturing environment where growth and exploration flourish.

Donate Now

2. Volunteer: Join our passionate community by becoming a volunteer. Share your expertise, engage with participants, and help us create memorable experiences for families. Your time and dedication make a difference in the lives of others and contribute to the vibrant atmosphere of Deeply Rooted Learning Center.

3. Sponsorship: Partner with us to bring enriching events to life. Whether you represent a business or an individual, our sponsorship opportunities allow you to align your brand with our mission. Your support enables us to offer exceptional programs, activities, and resources that leave a lasting impact on families and learners.

Join us in cultivating a community that thrives on shared experiences, collaboration, and growth. Your involvement ensures that Deeply Rooted Learning Center continues to be a welcoming haven where education flourishes and connections are nurtured. Contact us today to explore how you can be a part of our journey toward holistic learning and community enrichment.


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